At Third Rock Geomatics we love change. We recognize the old way of doing business is not always the best solution. Having some professional land surveyors, we provide professional geomatics services and strive to innovate deeply into the process of your project life-cycle… always improving.

TRG is a multi-disciplinary geomatics firm. Our team applies years of experience in geomatics technology and process and applies it to the execution of projects while applying geo-spatial technology; we promise to provide innovation in process of professional geomatics services.

We endeavor to establish an efficient and practical approach to the use of spatial data. We understand that you may require advice on how to execute your project. Our team will apply a solution oriented approach rather than the ‘way it has always been done’.

We promise to provide you land surveying and professional geomatics services in Calgary, Alberta, Valemount, and other areas of Western Canada with the latest technology coupled with innovation in process. Our team will launch your project with proper planning, risk analysis, safety secured, and a Third Rock solid approach.


Process needs innovation and change. Industry is changing, technology is changing, and needs are unique across projects. Our passion is innovation in process to optimize use of geo-spatial data.


Oil and Gas 91%
Power 87%
Infrastructure 93%
Residential 93%
Commercial 98%
Underground Utilities 96%


We operate in many sectors but our unique process is common. The following is a framework for our approach to all projects. Geo-spatial analysis, preparation, and organization is the core of what we will achieve.


Our audit process will analyse the inner workings of the project. We will examine the demands, life-cycle, and projected outcomes of the project. We will examine the client’s use of the spatial data and methods of housing this data for future use. After audit we will have a clear understanding of the needs of the project, and the landscape of the client’s organization.


Our team will examine the audit data associated with market knowledge, current technology, and industry knowledge to establish the most efficient path forward. Budget and timelines will be clearly outlined. Project process will be established and the data will be used in the most efficient way possible to benefit all stakeholders and the project.


Using the established process our geomatics team will manage the project from a geo-spatial perspective and will provide professional geomatics services. We will provide resources where suitable and garner resources from current industry to best execute the project. We will maintain process to match budget and timelines.


Mark Sutter


Mark has worked extensively across Western Canada. His sage geomatics knowledge combined with his passion for innovation can give enormous strength to your project. A proven Leader, Mark is an Alberta Land Surveyor with a keen interest in property law.


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