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Information Services

GIS has become a simple method for geo-referencing all data associated with your project. This spatial database is the most effective tool for bringing your project team together at all levels and making access to all data universal.



Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are generally a complimentary service that we as an in-house method of attracting clients based on efficiency capabilities. At TRG, our belief and process is to provide effective information services and to create project specific GIS sets as needed. The benefit to creating project specific GIS is always utilizing current data in your data sets. Traditional GIS models require large amounts of manpower to manage the system and ensure the data is the latest data available. TRG intends on linking the job creation form directly to a search engine programmed to retrieve all the necessary data each and every time a project is created.

Information Services


Process needs innovation and change. Industry is changing, technology is changing, and needs are unique across projects. Our passion is innovation in process to optimize use of geo-spatial data.

Information Services


Access to spatial information is often limited to the business center that ordered the work and is using the data. Use of Geomatics technology and an understanding of the industry landscape enables our consultants to create process unique to each organization. This process will allow for an efficient and practical use of spatial data across the organization.

Information Services


TRG is a multi-disciplinary geomatics firm. Our team specializes in geomatics technology, information services, and process as it applies to execution of projects from a spatial perspective. We endeavor to establish an efficient and practical approach to the use of spatial data across a project or a company. Ultimately, we promise to provide innovation in process from a geo-spatial perspective.

“You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.”

Albert Einstein

“Innovation opportunities do not come with the tempest but with the rustling of the breeze.”

Peter Drucker

Cost Efficiency

Through our use of GIS, Technology, and stakeholder harmonization TRG will bring together an information system suitable for your project.  We provide professional information services. We realize across the project through efficient use of information.