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Pipeline Integrity

We understand that maintaining the integrity of your pipeline is top of mind for operational excellence. We will provide pipeline integrity services and analyze your data to minimize your dig site areas and provide detailed geo-spatial information for buried facilities, construction concerns, and land rights for any repair. Our depth-of-cover water crossing monitoring program is a cost-effective method for meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements.


Centerline Surveys

We have equipped and trained crews to locate buried pipeline integrity facilities. We will trace out your buried pipeline and determine a depth of cover along the profile. We will provide profiles of the pipeline and the surface to determine areas that are not meeting depth of cover specifications.


Process needs innovation and change. Industry is changing, technology is changing, and needs are unique across projects. Our passion is innovation in process to optimize use of geo-spatial data.

Dig Site Surveys

Our dig site surveys will use all data available to determine an accurate location of the anomaly for repair. We will use centerline surveys, along with AGM locations, to calculate our best approximation for the dig site location. Dig Site plans show surveyed information such as safe work area, all buried facilities, topography, and legal boundaries.

Watercourse Crossing Surveys

Watercourse Crossing Surveys will reveal a depth of cover along the profile of your pipeline. We will locate the pipeline through the body of water and provide appropriate information to determine areas that are not meeting depth of cover requirements. We will tie in all relevant information for a geo-technical analysis inclusive of soil samples.

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AGM Surveys

AGM Surveys will aid in determining the accurate spatial location for the pipeline from the ILI run data. We will make sure the AGM locations are accurately geo-referenced, placed appropriately and frequently for accurate calculations. We will use this data to calculate accurate locations for future dig site surveys.