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Alberta Land Surveyors are dedicated to the practice of land surveying for the protection of the public and administration of the profession. Area of expertise include Real Property Reports, property line determination, fence line placement, right of way routing, real estate surveys, construction surveying, land surveyor consultation and advice, energy sector projects, infrastructure in urban and rural settings.

At Third Rock Geomatics, we are a team of Professional Land Surveyors and Geomatics Experts, dedicated to high-quality customer experiences, which are personal and authentic.

We are a technology enabled team of seasoned pros who thrive in productive environments and know how to get the job done. We will always be a young company free of the burdens of big-corporate overhead and needless restrictions.

We are Canadian, from the Pacific to the Arctic to the Atlantic, forged through years of working in the elements, from +40°C to -55°C in regions across this great country!

At the heart of Third Rock Geomatics is a desire to contribute to the greater good, to give our clients the benefit our decades of experience, and to embrace the adventure of modern technology.

Third Rock is part of a new generation in Geomatics achieving high speed delivery through revolutionary technology and empowered project management, with your goals as ours.

The Third Rock Process: The three most important rules for solid Project Management and Delivery are Process, Process, & Process! From your initial contact with the Third Rock Team you will experience a measured approach to consultation, planning, and execution.

Real Property Reports with Hot Tubs

By |2020-07-02T06:18:07-06:00July 16th, 2020|Land Surveyor|

Do Real Property Reports show Hot Tubs? Yes. A hot tub holds more than 0.60m (2 feet) of water and thus are classified as a pool by Alberta’s Building Code. If you think through the process of a homeowner purchasing and installing a hot tub, it becomes quickly apparent why municipalities and potential home buyers [...]

Two Most Common Questions from Law Professionals

By |2020-07-16T11:14:45-06:00July 2nd, 2020|Land Surveyor|

Two Most Common Questions from Law Professionals Most of the questions we receive from Law Professionals are around two ideas. “What should we expect will be shown on the report?” “Where are the actual guidelines or standards?” There are three primary stakeholders influencing the contents of a Real Property Report. The Professional Land Surveyors’ [...]

How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction – AC Units

By |2020-06-23T06:57:21-06:00June 23rd, 2020|Land Surveyor|

How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction Because Air Conditioners are Everywhere! Do you see it? This air conditioner is close as possible to the mechanical room in the basement, and is tucked in neatly behind the deck. While it looks great, it is likely not compliant with the Land Use Bylaw. As you can [...]

How to Spot an Encroachment – Retaining Walls

By |2020-06-08T12:58:29-06:00June 8th, 2020|Land Surveyor|

How to Spot an Encroachment Because encroachment agreements take time Do you see the white retaining wall? The retaining wall extends out toward the street and stops 0.65m from the back of the city sidewalk. Most people understand that the sidewalk and some portion of the front yard is actually city-owned property. In this [...]

How to Spot an Encroachment – Sheds

By |2020-06-08T12:33:01-06:00April 21st, 2020|Land Surveyor|

  How to Spot an Encroachment because improvements are not always in the correct place     Can you see what our surveyor sees? The shed in the foreground is tight against a fence, which is also tight against the larger shed in the background. One of these is clearly not in the correct place. [...]

Surveyor’s Announcement – COVID 19

By |2020-03-23T13:55:59-06:00March 23rd, 2020|Land Surveyor|

Third Rock Geomatics is a Virtual Company Mark Sutter in his natural environment Due to COVID 19, many are making plans and learning how to operate remotely. We have been doing it for years. Our crews and production teams operate from their homes and remain in constant contact through video chats, virtual job [...]

Nice fence! Did you hire a surveyor?

By |2020-03-05T11:13:28-07:00March 3rd, 2020|Land Surveyor|

How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction "Nice fence! Did you hire a surveyor?" Real Property Reports ensure your clients know exactly what they are buying. Where is the property line? This listing features a beautiful new fence on the back lane! Looks great, but you should be wondering "How did they find the property line?" [...]

Spot the Infraction – Cantilevers

By |2020-04-02T14:40:16-06:00February 18th, 2020|Land Surveyor|

How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction because your diligence will protect your clients Can you spot the bylaw infraction? Where is it? Houses often have cantilevers (a portion of the house that extends beyond the foundation). In many cases they are allowed to project into the side yard and will not have any [...]

Spot the Bylaw Infraction – Deck Heights

By |2020-06-08T12:12:37-06:00February 11th, 2020|Land Surveyor|

Spot the Bylaw Infraction You asked questions about deck heights on Real Property Reports. What do you see? Can you see the issue with this uncovered deck? Decks are a common feature in Calgary, and we receive many questions about them. The maximum height of the deck without a basement walkout is [...]