How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction

Fence line survey

“Nice fence! Did you hire a surveyor?” Real Property Reports ensure your clients know exactly what they are buying.

Where is the property line?

This listing features a beautiful new fence on the back lane! Looks great, but you should be wondering “How did they find the property line?” In this case, the very nice-looking fence is built 1.17m (almost 4 feet) into the lane. Did the city allow this encroachment? Will the new owners need to tear it down?

Shortcuts can lead to long delays

Did you know an Alberta Land Surveyor is the only person who can legally define a property line? A Real Property Report shows the accurate position of the property lines and all the visible improvements on and near the property. We provide the report to the municipality as part of the application for compliance. It is then up to the municipality to make determinations regarding bylaw infractions and encroachments onto city property.

The City of Calgary, in this example, entered into an encroachment agreement with the landowner which allowed the fence to stay, for now. Should they ever decide to build a new fence, they are required to build it in the right place. No demolition required and the sale can proceed!

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