How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction

Because Air Conditioners are Everywhere!

Surveyor Air Conditioner

Do you see it?

This air conditioner is close as possible to the mechanical room in the basement and is tucked in neatly behind the deck. While it looks great, it is likely not compliant with the Land Use Bylaw. As you can see, it completely blocks progress into the back yard and is normally hidden by a gate.

What happened next?

As we anticipated, the city replied to the Real Property Report with a letter specifying the non-compliance. However, this requirement was added to the bylaw in 2008. The letter stated and compliance could not be provided “Unless the home owner can provide proof of installation for the AC Unit was prior to June 1st 2008.”

The home owner kept good records and was able to provide documentation showing the AC Unit predated June 1, 2008 and the Certificate of Compliance was issued immediately.

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