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We are Real Property Report experts! We offer 3-5 day delivery with fixed rate packages and (we have been told) we have the best looking plans in the city! They are easy for owners and professionals to understand, creating smooth transactions.

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Our team of Geomatics Professionals is dedicated to personal, authentic, and high quality customer experiences. We are the experts that understand that our timing and quality are critical to your success. Third Rock is part of a new generation in Geomatics achieving high speed delivery through revolutionary technology and empowered project management, with your goals as ours.
Call us today to experience the highest level of service for all your survey needs!

Planning & Consulting

Planning your project with a geospatial expert can be the most cost effective project decision you make. From feasibility to reclamation, understanding the construction constraints pertaining to land and information is imperative to the efficient execution of a project. We provide expert level knowledge and new technology when planing your projects, using the right services and employing the right team.


Land Surveying

Are you looking for a Professional Land Surveyor in Alberta? We have the experience and the knowledge to provide for any project. Our crews are ready to serve, anywhere in Western Canada. All field services are backed by a rigorous safety program and intensive quality assurance.


Geographic Information Management

The geospatial revolution is well underway and is visible in everything from GPS-guided heavy machines to extremely selective marketing campaigns. Using the same methods and technology we can place you and your project at the center of a data-rich environment, tailored to your needs. Designing projects has never been more rewarding or efficient!

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Nice fence! Did you hire a surveyor?

How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction "Nice fence! Did you hire a surveyor?" Real Property Reports ensure your clients know exactly what they are buying. Where is the property line? This listing features a beautiful [...]

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Spot the Infraction – Cantilevers

How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction because your diligence will protect your clients Can you spot the bylaw infraction? Where is it? Houses often have cantilevers (a portion of the house that extends [...]

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Newly Minted Canadians!

Newly Minted Canadians! One of our own became a Canadian today, and the tears could not be held back. My chest is swollen with pride and happiness as I watch my friend Martins, and his [...]

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Who owns my fence?

"Good fences make good neighbors." - Robert Frost "Great neighbors build the fence in the right place!" - Mark Sutter Greetings from Third Rock! A homeowner recently called about the demolition of the house next [...]

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