Urban & Municipal

It is true, we are experts in Real Property Reports and Development Permits. Those are distinct products that fall within a great array of survey services which we offer. Land development in urban settings requires a blend of technical skills, regulatory awareness, professional commitment, and the ability to bring it all into harmony for the best possible outcome. We have built relationships and navigated these regulatory processes for years. Contact us and see how we can turn your concept into your reality.


Professional Survey Services

  • Subdivisions – Concept, design, regulatory consultation, layout, and construction
  • Right of Way – Constraint mapping, route/site selection, construction, registration
  • Boundary Determination – Fence lines, riparian boundaries, land rights consultation
  • Construction – Residential and commercial buildings and landscapes, utility maintenance and development, existing site conditions and new feature layouts
  • High Accuracy – Control networks for large projects, pile and bolt layout, quality control surveys when every millimeter count
Planning and consulting

Calgary is
our Home

If Geomatics had a nationality, it would be Canadian.
Calgary would be
the capital city, and its home.

Design and Build

Planning and building requires a team service providers. Our project managers, consultants and field teams ensure all appropriate design and regulatory information is gathered and shared to promote unity in purpose and efficient use of design assets. We will ensure that all data powered on and powered up for your projects.

Planning and consulting


We will work on the ground with your construction teams and the right technology for the job. You will receive accurate information with a high degree of confidence, optimizing field activity and execution.

We would like to thank you for the exceptional service your company provides us with respect to providing Real Property Reports and obtaining Certificates of Compliance from the City of Calgary. We are pleased to recommend your services to other law firms and clients looking for services that you provide.

Peter G. Robinson, Navigator Law LLP

“Splitting my time between the field and office allows me to see that our quality remains high in all aspects of our work, and it helps me remember how much I love land surveying!”

Mark Sutter, Third Rock Founder

5 Star Review “Reliable. Great customer service. Work was done as requested within the timelines provided. Thank you, for the detailed answers to my questions. And for the professional quality of your completed reports. Thank you, Third Rock”

Taryn Willow, Client

“As a profession, Land Surveyors place the greatest amount of importance on public interest. Simply put, we will draw the line precisely where it belongs, without bias for our client or their neighbor.”

Evan McNeil, Third Rock

5 Star Review “Quick and painless to get my Real Property Report updated. Thanks for the great communication and fast turnaround!” 

DH, Client

“Land surveyors can spend as much time reading legislation, bylaws, and engineering documents as we spend in front of an instrument in the field or calculating coordinates for a subdivision. We are mathematicians, historians, project managers, advocates, engineers, and even chainsaw operators!”

Mark Sutter, CEO, Third Rock

“One does not drive up to Edmonton. In terms of elevation, Calgary is 400m higher than Edmonton.
Therefore, one drives down to Edmonton and from there, up to Calgary.”

Evan McNeil, Third Rock

Integrity and Reliability

As a professional corporation registered with the Alberta Land Surveyors Association, and as members of our community, we carry our responsibilities to you and to the public with great reverence. There is always a check and balance for everything we do.