How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction

because a brand new house can’t have any issues, right?
Utility Right of Way on a Corner LotUtility Right of Way on a Corner Lot

Can you see it?

A Real Property Report will show what would otherwise be invisible. Modern subdivisions often have a 3.5m Utility Right of Way along the front. In the property pictured here, the right of way exists on the front and side of this corner lot. See the top end of the cantilever behind the shed and the window well? The face of the cantilever and window well are within a few centimeters of the right of way boundary. That means the shed and the secondary set of steps are both encroaching.

What is next?

We submit the plan showing the encroachment with the application to the city. Then we work through the process on our client’s behalf. In this example, the City of Calgary required an application for a development permit to cover the encroachments which was issued without any physical changes to the property. With the permit in hand, the land owner was able to keep their shed and steps in place, and the sale was clear to proceed, without construction costs or delay.

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