Spot the Bylaw Infraction

You asked questions about deck heights on Real Property Reports.

Bylaw Infraction Deck Height on Real Property Report

What do you see?

Can you see the issue with this uncovered deck? Decks are a common feature in Calgary, and we receive many questions about them. The maximum height of the deck without a basement walkout is 1.50m. Keep in mind, this is the maximum height of any point on the deck. As you can see, the deck height on the right side is substantially higher and exceeds this maximum. (More details available on the City of Calgary website.)

What to do next

As we anticipated, the city replied to the Real Property Report with a letter specifying the non-compliance and detailing the option to apply for a relaxation request. On behalf of our client, we proceeded with the application. Photos and descriptions gathered during the survey were provided, and the Development Permit was approved. The approval will remain on record with the city and preserve the value of the property.

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