How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction

How long will it take to get a relaxation permit?

Bylaw Infraction Eaves too close

Do those eaves seem too close together?
Surveyors will focus their attention on any improvements that are close to either side of a property line. Anything close to a property line may indicate a bylaw infraction. The eaves pictured above should have been separated by at least 1.20m (4 feet), with 0.60m (2 feet) on each side of the property line. It turns out, the eaves shown on the left were only 0.23m (9 inches) from the property line.

What to do when you evaluate a home

As a Professional Land Surveyor, I would encourage you to look up and down the property lines when you evaluate a home. You may be able to spot improvements that need attention. In the long run., you may be saving time and frustration.

How did these eaves affect timelines?

This client ordered the Real Property Report when they had a signed offer and a closing date. In hindsight, they would have avoided the holdback (and related stress) had they ordered immediately when they listed. Here are the details:

  • April 24, Friday – Real Property Report ordered
  • April 27, Monday – Complete report delivered to the client and the City of Calgary
  • May 1, Friday – Sale Closed (with a holdback pending the Compliance Certificate)
  • May 7, Thursday – City provided a letter outlining Non-Compliance
  • May 8, Friday – Applied for a Relaxation Development Permit on behalf of our client
  • June 1, Monday – Decision (approval) received, with a 3 week waiting period
  • June 22, Monday – Final approval received
  • Total time: Two Months

The Third Rock team gave a strong performance, delivering the final report in less than one business day. We did the same when handling the Development Permit application. The timelines associated with the applications are typical when a relaxation permit is requested. The City requires time to process the document through the appropriate internal department(s) and a three week period to advertise to the public to allow for appeals.

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