How to Spot an Encroachment

Where is my Property Line?

Surveyor Where is my property line

The image shows two views of the side yard and steps, from the inside and outside of the fence.

Where is my Property Line? If you are viewing a home on a corner lot, it can be difficult to understand where the property line falls. Fences and retaining walls are often built close to the property line, but in this case, we found they were built 0.28m into the street, and the concrete stairs were installed 1.28m into the street, next to the city’s sidewalk.

How to Obtain a Compliance Certificate

The City of Calgary reviewed the Real Property Report and provided a Compliance Stamp along with an Encroachment Advisory. Two options were presented to clear the advisory. The first option was to remove the encroachment(s) and resubmit an updated Real Property Report (within 6 months). The second option was to apply for an encroachment agreement, in hopes that the City will allow the encroachment to remain. Both of these options can be time-consuming and costly. The best advice I can give you is to start the process as soon as possible to prevent delays and holdbacks.
locking gazebos built around the tub which provide for privacy and ventilation while improving the overall aesthetic of the property.

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