How to Spot a Bylaw Infraction

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Surveyor Real Property Report Cantilever

Can you spot the bylaw infraction?

Where is it?

Houses often have cantilevers (a portion of the house that extends beyond the foundation). In many cases they are allowed to project into the side yard and will not have any eaves. What you might notice in the picture, is the cantilever also has large eaves extending into the side yard. This is basically a projection on top of a projection, which is worth looking at in more detail.

What is next?

As it turns out, the cantilever was acceptable, but the eaves were encroaching too far into the side yard and almost into the neighbor’s property. Once the survey was complete and the report was presented to the city, we worked through the permitting process on our client’s behalf.

The City of Calgary, in this example, returned a compliance certificate once the development permit covering the infraction had approval. The city evaluated the details, relevant regulations, and took appropriate steps. The buyers knew exactly what they were purchasing.

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