Third Rock Geomatics is a Virtual Company


Mark Sutter in his natural environment

Due to COVID 19, many are making plans and learning how to operate remotely. We have been doing it for years. Our crews and production teams operate from their homes and remain in constant contact through video chats, virtual job boards, cloud computing, and occasionally we even use our smart devices to make a good-old-fashioned phone call. If you are interested in learning what technology and virtual tools we use, which might be beneficial to your own company, please do not hesitate to call. Our experience could potentially flatten your learning curve.

We don’t require access for a Real Property Report

Real Property Report

A Real Property Report is a survey of the outside of a home. In most cases, we do not require access into a home. We are committed to public health and safety, especially for the occupants of a property where we are working. We have instructed our crews to knock when they arrive at a property and announce their presence to the occupants. This can be done effectively from a distance allowing us to maintain proper social distancing.

Surveyors are synonymous with solitude

No need to worry about surveyors feeling isolated or lonely. We work outdoors, often alone or in pairs, which is the way we like it. On a normal day, we have very limited contact with people. As professionals, we follow excellent safety practices, which includes carefully following directives provided by health officials.

We offer 3 to 5 day delivery

At THIRD ROCK GEOMATICS we are experts in Real Property Reports. We pride ourselves on our delivery. Our team believes that your time is valuable. We aim to be quick as possible while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and quality. In February, our average delivery time was 2.2 days! Do we sound like a great addition to your team?

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Stay healthy,
Mark Sutter, Alberta Land Surveyor
CEO, Third Rock Geomatics