Two Most Common Questions Asked by Realtors

We receive many great questions from realtors about Real Property Reports, here are a few favorites.

“On a recent listing, I noticed that the homeowner had covered the concrete swale in the backyard with patio stones. Will this show up on a Real Property Report?”

Survey Retaining Walls Overland DrainageYour question is an excellent one. I would not show patio stones over a swale in my report as they are easily movable and thus not permanent. As a surveyor reporting on the current condition of the property, I look for permanent features.

The brick retaining wall in this photo is a different story. It is permanent and while it does not cover the swale, it is in the right of way. The city reviews the report from a cost concern. They are thinking about the operation and maintenance of the swale. If they need to dig things up or move things around, they do not want to be responsible for the replacement of sheds, garden walls, or anything else which can be deemed an improvement.

“Do window wells need to be shown on RPRs in Calgary?”

Surveyor Window WellsYes, we show window wells on Real Property Reports because it increases the value of the report for the landowner and the city. Landowners not familiar with survey plans may have trouble understanding the report. The inclusion of small details, like window wells, can help them orientate the plan to the property and improve their understanding. The City of Calgary’s technicians will review window wells and their setback distances to property lines. The Land Use Bylaw specifies restrictions for window wells and thus it is relevant to the Real Property Report. For example, a window well may not be positioned within 0.60 m of a property line.

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