Two Most Common Questions from Law Professionals

Most of the common questions we receive from Law Professionals are around two ideas.
“What should we expect will be shown on the Real Property Report?”
“Where are the actual guidelines or standards for Real Property Reports?”

Three primary stakeholders influence the contents of a Real Property Report. The Professional Land Surveyors’ Association, the Government, and the Alberta Land Surveyor. At Third Rock Geomatics, we believe there is a fourth, the landowner. Here are brief details of each and some related resources.

The Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association (ALSA)

has strict practical standards that govern how the legal boundaries of the property are to be determined and shown on the report. Therefore, the ALSA also prescribes the minimum requirements for visible improvements to be shown, the required elements on the report, and describes the specific affidavit to be signed.

ALSA Manual of Standard Practice provides the most complete
description of a Real Property Report. See Part D Section 8

The Provincial and Local Government

also play a role. The local (municipal) government reads the Real Property Report to determine bylaw infractions or to process encroachments from, or onto the subject parcel. Requirements vary between local governments and their specific processes. The provincial government established the Acts which (among other things) gives the authority to an Alberta Land Surveyor to publish a Real Property Report.

The Surveys Act, RSA 2000 c.S-26, Land Surveyors Act, RSA 2000 c.L-3,
The Land Titles Act, RSA 2000 c.L-4, and the regulations under those Acts,
provide the necessary framework for the basis of land ownership
and interests in the Alberta Land Titles system.

The Alberta Land Surveyor

is the professional responsible for the field survey and the resulting report. This requires the Surveyor to visit the property, perform the survey, and decide exactly what will be shown in the report before endorsing and providing their opinion.

A legal professional should understand a Real Property Report as a technical and legal document which contains the opinion of an Alberta Land Surveyor.

The Landowner (the client and the public)

does not directly influence the contents of a Real Property Report.
However, at Third Rock Geomatics we have designed our reports with their perspective in mind. We often include elements that are not strictly required to make the plan easier for the client to understand. This might include brick patios or gradient colors on the lot and buildings.

We place the highest level of importance on our duty to the public and to our clients.

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