Two Ways to Spot Encroachments Before Leaving Your Desk!

Gathering as much information as you can about a property before you leave your desk will allow you to be insightful and work effectively. Here are two sources used by surveyors that can help you anticipate potential obstacles.

#1. Preview the property on the SPIN2 Map

When you order the title, you are given the option to view the property using the SPIN2 map. By default, this map displays all the property boundaries, right-of-way boundaries, and roads. (Note, there are no fees required to see this map.)

Surveyor SPIN Map Preview

Surveyor SPIN Map Preview

If I previewed a title and saw this many rights-of-way on a single property,
I would call Third Rock Geomatics right away!

#2. Read the Certificate of Title

Every title has a section labeled “Encumbrances, Liens & Interests”. This is where mortgages are normally listed. If there is an existing encroachment agreement document, it will be listed here as well. This registered document may also contain a scan of the real property report used to author the agreement.

Spatial Information System – SPIN2

SPIN2 is the platform used by surveyors to access information related to land titles, registered survey plans, survey control, registered documents, and more. If you are interested in how to use SPIN2, please feel free to give us a call and we will gladly show you how it works.

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