Where is the property line? What is a Zero Lot Line?Surveyor Zero Lot Lines

Many Calgary neighborhoods have maximized land use by using Zero Lot Lines.

This practice allows people to build houses with one wall very close to a property line. In the picture above, the property lines are (more or less) along the left edge of the driveways, and the houses are separated by 8 feet (2.44m). Each neighboring lot holds a right of way to allow for activities like regular maintenance and protruding features such as eaves. It has been my experience that many landowners do not understand where the right-of-way is positioned. They will often build sheds or decks that do not conform to the requirements of the agreements.

Is the wall of the house on the property line?

The foundation walls closest to the lot lines in this picture are each 3.5 inches (0.09m) inside their respective lots. The eaves project over the neighboring property, inside the maintenance right of way. If someone was unaware of Zero Lot Lines they might believe there are multiple encroachments and bylaw infractions. In this case, the encroachments are covered by the agreements on the title.

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